What Have I Been Eating?: Upgraded Frozen Pizza

Last Thursday I was supposed to finish work and go straight to class after that. I’ve been attending a language course to have a certificate to go to uni here in Sweden after, but lately rather than learning the language itself we’ve been just studying politics in Swedish..yes. It’s awful. That’s why last week I decided to skip class and save myself 3 hours of misery, and instead have a night in and some me time. 

I spent over half an hour at the store, trying to decide what to buy for dinner. I was feeling to tired and lazy too actually cook something from scratch. And then it hit me: frozen pizza! Pizza toppings here in Sweden suck. The go to pizza is kebab pizza, and another popular one is some shit with curry, bananas and chicken. Being Italian I feel kind of insulted..but that’s another story..

Aaaaanyway. I decided to take my basic frozen pizza, add it some of my favorite toppings and treat myself like that. So here is my upgraded frozen pizza!

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Current Mood: Confused


I woke up last Monday and ever since this is how I’ve been feeling: confused. You may wonder “confused about what?”. Well, that’s the problem. Confused about everything.

I’m confused about my whole life. The person I am. The things I do. The people I hang out with. I’m confused about what I want. I know that I’m unhappy about the way things are right now, but I don’t know what or how to change them. I started having this anxious feeling of  wasting my time. Days go by, nothing changes, I stay unhappy and I’ll never get that time back. It feels like every day counts and I’ve just been letting them slip away in front of my eyes without really doing anything about it. Continue reading

Portrait Of A Character: Lana Del Rey

About a month ago, I was out with a guy, we were talking about favorite music when he mentioned how he likes to listen to Lana Del Rey when drunk and alone. Him mentioning her, made me want to start listening to her again. I was a big fan of Lana when she first gained notoriety a few years ago, but had forgotten soon afterwords and never kept updated with her new releases. So the day after, I tried to check her latest 2 albums and OMG! They’re both so good. I’ve been obsessed with Lana all over again, and for a month now, I just listen to her on repeat all day at work. Therefor, it was a obvious choice for me this time who my character had to be. So here for you is Lana Del Rey!

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What Have I Been Watching?: Me Before You

Last month (yeah I’m pretty behind with my posting schedule..) I went to see Me Before You. I had seen the trailer one of the previous times I had been to the movies, and although it seemed really cheesy, the trailer alone was already making me cry and I had to see it. So when it finally came out, I organized a “girls night” and we went check it out!


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What Have I Been Eating?: Mango

Okay. It’s time to be honest and admit that I can’t even remember the last time I ate at home. Meaning like a proper meal. I can vaguely picture some pasta I cooked some lonely night, but wouldn’t be able to tell whether it was 2 or 3 weeks ago.

You may think now that I’m so fancy and treat myself to nice restaurants all the time. But truth is I usually have lunch at work, and then I either come back home late and just snack on some bread, or quickly grab some type of fast food while out and about. Not good.

Because of this though, I don’t really have a recipe to share with you, but I did grab some mango a couple of days ago and ate it last night.

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What Have I Been Doing?: Kittensitting

Ask anyone that even slightly knows me and they’ll agree: I’m a crazy cat lady. Or well..destined to be!

I absolutely love cats. I don’t know how so, but in the last couple of years I became nearly obsessed with them. I’m pretty confident that by the time I turn 30, this is gonna be me:

So when a friend of mine asked me to babysit her new kitten for the weekend, I had only one word to say: YESSSSS!! Continue reading